What to Consider When Choosing a New CCaaS Provider

CCaaS offers numerous benefits for contact centers, such as scalability, flexibility, and cost savings. With the right provider, CCaaS can help your contact center improve its operations and better serve customers.

When considering CCaaS solutions, there are a few key factors to keep in mind in order to ensure you select the best provider for your needs.

Firstly, it’s important to consider the features and functionality that are most important to your contact center. Make a list of the “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” in a CCaaS solution, and use this as a starting point for evaluating providers.

A few “must-haves” likely include:

  • Multichannel integration to let agents field queries from customers’ preferred communication channels, including social media, mobile, live chat, email, and voice calls.
  • Powerful analytic capabilities that provide actionable call center insights.
  • Quick desktop access to all of the tools a service representative needs to satisfy customer issues.

CCaaS solutions are designed to be customer-centric, so it’s important to choose a provider that also caters to the ease of use of your agents

Secondly, it’s also important to consider pricing. CCaaS solutions can vary widely in terms of price, so it’s important to evaluate providers based on your budget and needs. One of the main benefits of a CCaaS platform is that it can lower your IT expenses. Utilizing a third-party provider to host and manage your Contact Center tools in the cloud, saving you the capital investment in technology and allowing your IT staff to concentrate on other projects. It also simplifies your monthly IT expenses by consolidating your communication bills into a single monthly payment.

It’s also easier to budget and create roadmaps for the future when you know exactly how much you are paying each month or year for the CCaaS service. With an on-premise solution, you may find that some vendors will drastically increase the price of licensing one year. There can be huge discrepancies between vendors when it comes to how licensing works. Some vendors will offer fixed contracts, others will not. You might be planning an expensive project to replace all laptops in the office. However, these plans can come to a halt if you now have to pay much more to keep using an application that is essential to your contact center. The cost savings can be summed up as:

  • No need to replace hardware and software as it becomes obsolete.
  • No need to upgrade hardware and software.
  • No surprise licensing fees.
  • Less reliance on a dedicated tech support team.
  • Substantial savings on maintenance, software, support, and equipment.

Thirdly, another key factor to consider is agent experience. Agents have one place of focus in an omnichannel platform. Customer account information can be brought through from different sources such as Twitter or Facebook, and straight into their window. There’s no need to switch between applications to perform their job and risk missing anything.

Agent’s perform better when their job is made easier. Working in a contact center is widely considered to be a stressful job. This is partially why agent turnover in call centers is so high. Agents are often working against huge time pressures and dealing with irate customers all day long. When you add in all the other KPIs they have to focus on, it’s easy to see how being a customer service agent can become overwhelming. This is why it’s so important to make the agent’s job as frictionless as possible, wherever possible.

One of the places it’s absolutely possible is the technology you implement to support your agents. Working from one application is fundamentally easier than working from 5 or 10. Agents can become masters of the software. They can also use any device to their advantage.

Finally, it’s also important to consider the provider’s reputation. Make sure to read online reviews and compare different CCaaS providers before making a final decision.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can be sure to select the best CCaaS provider for your contact center’s needs. 

If you do have questions about which provider might be the best fit for your business needs our skilled Technology Advisors are here to help. We will assess the current solutions you have in place to determine the best provider to help you improve your customer outcomes, save money on hardware costs, and better enable your contact center agent’s to give truly unparalleled customer service.

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