Telecommunications and IoT: How to Elevate Your Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) has advanced from a buzzword term to a widely applicable solution with far and wide use in homes and organizations across the globe. Studies show that by the year 2030, the number of IoT gadgets will have increased from 10 billion in 2021 to over 25.4 billion. IoT devices have a plethora of capabilities since they can connect to larger networks to pull data and information from. Retail, agriculture, and utilities are only a few of the industries that are utilizing IoT arrangements.

While IoT devices are becoming the standard across all industries there is one industry in particular that stands to benefit the most from its proliferation, and that is telecommunications. IoT technology is fiercely dependent on telecommunications providers making them an ally for companies looking to expand their IoT footprint. Mobile carriers especially have incredible growth possibilities thanks to the versatility of IoT applications and services. According to projections, IoT would create $1.8 trillion in income for mobile network operators by 2026. With telecom revenues declining in recent years, this will be a tremendous boon for the industry.

With the Internet of Things, network providers must now make it easier for people and gadgets to communicate. Telecom businesses must develop novel services and applications to help monetize IoT solutions. Adopting SaaS, BaaS, and PaaS models will aid in the improvement of business operations and the delivery of improved services to customers. As a telecom firm, you should figure out which IoT applications would benefit you the most and concentrate on them.

IoT use cases in the telecommunications industry

IoT in telecommunications offers companies an opportunity to monetize their data and branch out into other industries while offering projects and services beyond just their network connectivity. Service providers, on the other hand, will not be able to establish themselves as IoT leaders on their own.

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can explore new prospects and IoT use cases in telecom by collaborating with other enterprises in the IoT ecosystem, allowing them to develop a wider range of services based on their unique assets. Intelligent networks, data analytics, IoT platforms, billing, CRM, and cloud services may be used in the telecom business for a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare.

Internal use of IoT

CSPs are also embarking on their own IoT journey in telecommunications, leveraging the potential of collected data to get critical insights into their internal operations. Telcos use complex software platforms to connect a variety of physical assets, combining their collective expertise to improve decision-making and generate prediction models.

Internally, telecommunications companies are utilizing IoT technologies to increase efficiencies and maximize resource utilization. For example, AT&T was able to reduce energy use in its buildings by 9 million kWh in a year thanks to IoT-enabled building energy management, saving nearly one million dollars. IoT data is also used by the provider to optimize supply chain management and improve vehicle fleet management.

Future of value-added services and IoT in the telecom industry

Telcos have reached a tipping point after establishing themselves as dependable connectivity providers. CSPs must rely on key assets like mature telecommunications infrastructure, remarkable data sets, and 5G-enabled connectivity.

This is to recapture the lead in the communications value chain with new, value-added offerings, as the breadth and profitability of traditional telecom services have plateaued. For any telco, though, battling competition on its own is not a feasible choice.

To compete in this climate and take advantage of the Internet of Things’ cross-industry, profitable prospects, telecom carriers must create an ecosystem of reliable and innovative technological partners. CSPs can clear routes for sustainable growth and unlock new income streams based on modern IoT services by forming relationships with platform and software providers.


The Internet of Things (IoT) in telecommunications is a windfall for businesses in this field. Now is the moment to overcome the current and future telecommunication issues and worries. If your business is ready to tackle IoT we can serve as a resource in helping you select the right partners to achieve your goals. We work with over 250 technology companies giving you access to everything you would need to help move your business into the 21st century.

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