How Team Collaboration Tools Increase Productivity

In order for a business to be successful, there needs to be a team of employees that are dedicated to their work and have the knowledge necessary to complete their duties to the best of their ability. There are likely various departments that collaborate with one another in order to keep business running smoothly. It’s important that proper communication can take place, through different means. With so many people working from home in the past few years, there has become a much greater need for technology that allows people to communicate remotely. Things like VoIP communication, video conferencing and instant messaging applications have seen more use than ever before. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that team collaboration tools can help to boost the productivity of your company.

Working From Home and Fewer Distractions

A lot of people have found that working from home has really eliminated a lot of the distractions that occur in the workplace. People constantly coming and going past your desk at work, multiple meetings during the day, grabbing lunch in the cafeteria and taking a few minutes here and there to chat with someone can all inhibit your ability to be productive. However, working from home in a dedicated space where distractions are limited can allow you to get more work done in a shorter amount of time. Some studies show that productivity can be increased by 30 percent when real-time collaboration software is utilized.

In order for working from home to be successful, there is a very big need for collaboration tools. You still need to touch base with people while you’re working on something and have a question, or there may need to be a meeting between different departments in order to make something happen. This is where different online chats and meetings are beneficial.

Convenience of Meetings
Trying to get multiple employees in one conference room on the same day and time can be quite a challenge. This slows down productivity as you attempt to get everyone to attend. It is reported that 86 percent of business executives feel that ineffective collaboration can lead to business failure. Technology such as video conferencing can be done much more quickly, as people can jump on the call from wherever they are. They have the option to show their face if they’re at their desk, but they can still participate in VoIP team chat if they’re in the middle of a commute, working on something important or even taking a lunch break.

Better Talent

Utilizing technology to promote remote conversations allows a company to branch out with their talent. They don’t have to hire people who are going to be in-person at a local office. Instead, companies can have talent from all over the world working for them. Being able to communicate through instant messaging applications makes it easy for everyone to stay focused on one task, especially if group chats are utilized. There’s no limit to who you can contact within a company, in just a few seconds.

Hiring employees from other areas of the country or the world allows business to be run around the clock. People working from different time zones can still connect with other employees through a quick online collaboration tool, even if those other people aren’t currently on the clock.

Centralized and Archived Data

In regard to communication (through email, messages, etc.), files and progress updates, team collaboration tools make it easy to refer back to data as needed. It’s helpful to have a digital footprint. A lot of internet communication providers allow you to record video meetings or conversations, and this information can be saved for reference later on. It can be shared with other parties as well.

Building Up Your Team Morale

A lot of upper management worry that too much online communication and working from home can prevent team morale from being a priority. In fact, team morale often increases with the amount of team collaboration tools that you’re using. There are some companies that are organizing some very impressive virtual team meetings that feature guest speakers, team building exercises and group conversations on a specific topic. When these tools are used correctly, they can be very powerful and beneficial.

There always seems to be some sort of challenge that companies face. This could be relating to keeping up with competition, taking on PR challenges or maintain an optimal work flow. All of these things can be easier to tackle when you have the right people on hand to assist. However, the need for communication is imperative. Team collaboration tools can make it easier to conversations to take place. Team chats by way of virtual meetings have made it easier than ever to touch base when necessary. A quick conversation using VoIP can be done from any location. The increase in productivity is impressive when you take into account all that can be accomplished with the use of technology.

Considering all these advantages and more, it’s easy to see why more and more companies are transitioning to using team collaboration tools to help their employees work more efficiently and more cross-functionally. Your next question might be how to go about choosing the collaboration tool that would be best suited for your business while also being the most cost-effective. That’s where we come in.

If you do have questions about which provider might be the best fit for your business needs our skilled Technology Advisors are here to help. We will assess the current solutions you have in place to determine the best provider to help you improve your customer outcomes, save time, and better enable your staff to succeed.

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